Tsuut’ina Gunaha Institute

Vision Statement
Wusa Tsuut’ina ninayinatigu guts’ina-hi uwa dat?’ishi, t?at’a dzanagu daa?i uwa wusa Tsuuts’ina.
Our vision is the full revitalization of the Tsuut’ina Gunaha in all forms, spoken and written, as a legacy to past, present, and future Tsuut’ina People.

The Tsuut’ina Gunaha Institute will create a language community utilizing various traditional and contemporary means. The Tsuut’ina Gunaha Institute is committed to the teaching and learning of Tsuut’ina to all interested individuals. The Tsuut’ina Gunaha Institute will focus on the creation of new fluent speakers of the Tsuut’ina Language as well as the development of pertinent language resource material.

Guiding Principles

  1. The Tsuut’ina Gunaha is a gift bestowed upon the Tsuut’ina People by the creator. It is sacred.
  2. The Tsuut’ina Gunaha is currently in a critical state. All means of language revitalization will be considered.
  3. The remaining Tsuut’ina Speakers are of most value to the Tsuut’ina Gunaha Institute and the Tsuut’ina Gunaha as a whole. The Tsuut’ina Gunaha Institute will include all remaining speakers in the current and future programming in different capacities.  Limited revitalization work can be done without the full inclusion and participation of all remaining Tsuut’ina Speakers.
  4. The Tsuut’ina Gunaha Institute respects and embraces the dialectal diversity found within the Tsuut’ina speaking community.
  5. Natural language transmission occurs during childhood years. Tsuut’ina language conveyance will be heavily focused on the children and youth of the Tsuut’ina Nation.
  6. In recent years, linguistic principles have contributed to the conveyance of language for younger Tsuut’ina people. Linguistic knowledge and principles are an essential aspect of any language institute.
  7. The speaking and revitalization of Tsuut’ina Gunaha is not an activity. It is not an option. It is the carrying on of the life of Tsuut’ina. Within the Gunaha everything is carried: self-respect as well as the values, beliefs, and Worldview of the Tsuut’ina.

Current Program Overview

  • School Language Program
  • Community Evening Classes
  • Department Classes
  • Translation Requests
  • Resource Development
  • Mentor-Apprentice Language Program
  • All Other Language Incorporation Requests