Tsuut'ina Permits and Residency Office


In accordance with the Permit and Residency Laws and related guidelines, the Permit and Residency Registrar is responsible for administrative duties associated with the implementation and ongoing enforcement of the law. The Permit and Residency Registrar provides information to the public, reviews applications and maintains accurate records related to the Residency Law.


Role & Responsibilities:

·       Maintains database and Permit and Residency List as per Permit and Residency Law and regulations

·       The purpose of the Permit and Residency Office is to provide a system to more easily identify those who are trespassing on the Tsuut’ina Nation Reserve

·       Distributes permit and residency applications or information as requested

·       Answers queries from members or general public

·       Processes related payments or invoices as per Finance guidelines

·       Reviews permit and residency applications for accuracy and completeness

·       Grants or denies applications and/or renewals for Conditional Permit and Resident status

·       Revokes Principal and Conditional Resident status under sections 11 and 12 of the Resident Law

·       Reviews and rules on petitions for residency status revocations

·       Attend hearings as needed

·       Keeps accurate records of the Permit and Residency Office meetings, hearings, correspondence, agendas, reports and recommendations

·       Provides reports or updates as requested

·       Liaises with stakeholders including Chief and Council, By-Law Officers, intra-governmental partners and external partners

·       Communicates hearing dates and decisions to relevant parties

·       Creates correspondence and related documents to support the Permit and Residency Office

·       Provides administrative support to the Permit and Residency Office

·       The Permit and Residency Officer shall consist of the administration of staff assigned by Chief and Council

·       The Permit and Residency Office employees shall sign an oath of confidentiality in the prescribed form prior to commencing duties

·       Chief and Council or an authorized representative shall designate a Permit and Residency Registrar who is responsible for administrative duties under this Law


The Permit and Residency Registrar shall be responsible for maintaining the Permit and Residency List including:

·       The name and residency status of each listed person

·       The location at which each person resides

·       The length and terms of Conditional Resident status

·       Maintaining records of Permit and Residency Officer meetings, hearings, correspondence, agendas, reports, and recommendations

·       Serving as a liaison between the Permit and Residency Office and Chief and Council, and between the Nation and enforcement partners, intra-governmental partners, and external partners

·       Communicating hearing dates and The Permit and Residency Registrar decisions to the relevant parties

·       Such other duties and daily tasks as may be assigned.

·       The Permit and Residency Registrar shall report to the Chief Executive Officer or Executive Director responsible for the portfolio administration.

·       The Permit and Residency Registrar as a Nation employee shall adhere to the Tsuut’ina Nation Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual.


The Permit and Residency Office shall be responsible for:

·       Granting and denying applications for Conditional Resident status

·       Granting and denying applications to renew Conditional Resident status

·       Revoking Principal and Conditional Resident status under sections 32-38

·       Reviewing and ruling on petitions for residency status revocation


Providing Chief and Council with:

·       Proposed amendments to this Law

·       Case study reports on residency on reserve and efficacy of this Law

·       Attend hearings

·       Establishing the rules and procedures for hearings under this Law

·       Recommending to Chief and Council and annual Conditional Resident Fee

·       Reviewing reports regarding budgets, staffing and other administrative matters

·       Submitting an annual budget


Education & Qualifications:

·       Minimum Grade 12 with a related post-secondary certificate or diploma Experience in an administrative or record-keeping environment is an asset Working knowledge of Residency Law and regulations

·       Attention to detail and ability to check documents for accuracy and completeness

·       Experience in maintaining records and preparing reports from varied statistical information

·       Capacity to prioritize work to meet deadlines on a consistent basis

·       Excellent written and oral communication skills

·       Outstanding interpersonal skills with the ability to establish rapport with diverse stakeholders

·       Demonstrated professionalism and ability to respect confidentiality at all times

·       Working knowledge of MS Office (Word, Outlook, Excel and Power Point) and Xyntax

·       Must be collaborative, self-directed, self-motivated, organized and able to multi-task

·       A valid Alberta driver’s license and reliable transportation is required

·       The successful candidate must complete a criminal records check, child and youth intervention check