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Tsuut’ina Nation Citizenship Department

Position:                   Citizenship Registrar



The Citizenship Registrar is the official record identifying persons registered as status Indians under the Indian Act. According to section 5 of the Indian Act, Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) is responsible for maintaining the Register.


The Tsuut’ina Registrar shall take an oath of office and be responsible for the maintenance and up keep of the Tsuut’ina List and the Tsuut’ina Nation Membership Database and, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, shall:

(a) Maintain proper records and files of each Tsuut’ina Citizen including:

i. Legal name of Tsuut’ina Citizens;

ii. Date of birth;

iii. Sex and Marital status;

iv. Name of spouse, citizenship name and number and blood quantum;

v. Names of children and date of birth;

vi. Names of adopted children and date of birth;

vii. Names of parents, citizenship name and number, and blood quantum;

viii. Names of parental grandparents, citizenship, membership number and blood quantum;

ix. Names of maternal grandparents, citizenship, membership number and blood quantum; and

x. Blood quantum, as set by resolution of the Citizenship Evaluation Board.

(b) Maintain proper records and files on all applications for Tsuut’ina Citizenship including:

i. Date of application;

ii. Date of approval of application;

iii. Date of rejection of application;

iv. Number of votes in favor or against application; and

v. Copies of documentation provided with application.

(c) Attend all Citizenship Evaluation Board and Citizenship Tribunal meetings and provide quarterly membership reports to the Citizenship Evaluation Board;

(d) Ensure a recording secretary is made available at all Citizenship Evaluation Board and Citizenship Tribunal Meetings;

(e) Forward all written complaints in relation to the application process to the Citizenship Evaluation Board for review and issue a notification to the complainant that the written complaint has been forwarded to the Citizenship Evaluation Board;

(f) Provide written notice of decisions to applicants for Tsuut’ina Citizenship on applications, appeals, voting and protests;

(g)  Post all additions and deletions to the Tsuut’ina Citizenship List including the date of the addition or deletion and reason thereof, which postings shall only occur after all meetings have taken place and the process has been completed;

(h) Provide notices to the Registrar at the Department of Indian Affairs, of all additions and deletions from the Tsuut’ina Citizenship List;

(i)  Act as the returning officer in relation to all votes on membership;

(j)  Provide a Tsuut’ina Citizenship card to all Tsuut’ina Citizens; and

(k) Perform all other necessary functions as may, from time to time, be required for the effective operation of the office of the Tsuut’ina Registrar and the functions of the Citizenship Evaluation Board and Citizenship Tribunal.



Minimum of Grade 12 Diploma, Postsecondary or Year(s) of work experience

·        IRA Training (Indian Registration Administrator Training).

·        Knowledge of digital and physical file and data records keeping.

·        Must be a Tsuut’ina Nation Citizen.

·        Strength in Leadership skills and ability to work with team members.

·        Willingness to obtain further training and education as required.

·       Must obtain Commissioner for Oath Appointment Certificate.

·        Must take oath of office.

·        Must be able to take own initiative and be able to work with minimum supervision.

·       Comprehensive knowledge of the Indian Act with respect to qualification stipulations on full citizen memberships.

·        Required to sign Oath of confidentiality.

·       Must be able to handle pressure and react positively to stressful situations.

·       Ability to meet deadlines, determine and set priorities.

·       Must possess strong interpersonal skills specifically with respect to handling conflict resolution.

·        Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

·       Must be knowledgeable in all aspects of office and financial procedures.

·        Exemplary time management and organizational skills.

·       Valid Driver’s License and reliable transportation required.

·       Must agree to provide a police/criminal reference.

Competition Open: February 12, 2021

Competition Close: February 22, 2021


Please apply in writing, including a resume to:

Tsuut’ina Nation Human Resources Department 9911 Chiila Boulevard, Tsuut’ina, Alberta T3T 0E1

Phone: (403) 238-6107

Email: jobs@tsuutina.com


**We thank all interested applicants, however, only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.