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The Land Board Member shall support and participate the following:


The Land Board shall develop the laws, regulations, policies, procedures, structure and guidance for the administration of Tsuut’ina Nation Lands, to be approved pursuant to the Tsuut’ina Nation Legislative Process Act.

Goals and Objectives

The Land Board shall:

  • be accountable to all Tsuut’ina Nation Citizens to hear concerns/recommendations about issues in relation to Tsuut’ina Nation Lands, Environment and Resources including but not limited to Land, Air, Water and, Minerals.
  • through proper research and engagement, advise and make recommendations to the Tsuut’ina Nation Chief and Council on matter(s) relevant to Tsuut’ina Nation Land(s), Environment and Resources issues where there is no ratified law or policy.
  • develop laws, regulations, policies and procedures through the Tsuut’ina Nation Legislative Process Act

General Duties of the Land Board

  • The Land Board shall schedule meetings as required to gather information for Land, Environmental and Resource items for engagement and research.
  • The Land Board shall access information for research and development through the Tsuut’ina Nation Citizenship department and other applicable Tsuut’ina Nation departments and programs.

Qualification for Membership on Land Board

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must be Tsuut’ina Nation eligible elector.
  • Must not be convicted of any indictable offences in the previous five (5) years.
  • Must not have any outstanding land disputes or confirmed complaints against them for land use.

Selection and Tenure

  • Final selection of Land Board Positions will be made by the Tsuut’ina Nation Chief and Council.
  • Land Board positions are to be opened through the Human Resources recruitment process.
  • The tenure shall be for a period of 3 years.
  • Persons selected to Board may not serve consecutive terms.
  • Persons selected must swear a declaration stating they do not have any outstanding land disputes or confirmed complaints against them for land use
  • The Land Board will act honestly and in good faith when carrying out their duties and responsibilities as members of this Board.


Please submit a resume or statement of interest.  Please state “Land Board Member” in the email heading.