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Tsúūt’ínà Gūnáhà Institute

Title: Language Teacher K4-Adult

Department:  Tsúūt’ínà Gūnáhà Institute

School: Tsuut’ina Nation Chiila Elementary, Middle School, High School, Bullhead Adult Education Centre, and Tsuut’ina Nation (Community)

Reports to: Director of Tsúūt’ínà Gūnáhà Institute and Tsúūt’ínà Gūnáhà Education Coordinator

Designation: Full-time: Indefinite

Position Overview

The Language Teacher is responsible for providing an educational atmosphere where children have the opportunity to fulfill their personal potential for Tsuut’ina Language and Culture growth. This person is responsible for organizing and implementing instructional programming that will result in students achieving Tsuut’ina Language outcomes in accordance with the Tsuut’ina Specific Curriculum Guide. The Language Teacher will be responsible for attending and participating in various job-specific training and staff professional development workshops. The Language Teacher must be an individual that has passion for the learning and teaching of the Tsuut’ina Language and willing to work in a team environment with input from Elders.

Duties and Responsibilities

·        In liaison with the Chiila Elementary School, Tsuut’ina Middle School, Tsuut’ina High School, and Bullhead Adult Learning Centre, and Tsuut’ina Nation (Community)

·        To provide instruction and development of the Tsuut’ina Language and Culture

·        To collaborate with Tsuut’ina Gunaha Institute Resource Development Team for classroom resource material

·        To implement Tsuut’ina Language and Culture instructional activities that contributes to a climate where students are actively engaging in meaningful language experiences

·        To identify, select and modify instructional resources to meet the needs of students with varying backgrounds, learning styles, languages and special needs

·        To provide a positive environment in which students are encouraged and engaged in the Tsuut’ina Language Learning Process, i.e., hands-on activities, land-based teachings, and traditional teachings.

·        To establish and maintain a cooperative and healthy working relationship with students, parents as measured by Tsuut’ina Gunaha Institute

·        To acquire a knowledge and understanding the background characteristics of the students, including their knowledge, skills and attitudinal and motivational needs.

·        To recognize that teaching is a collective activity, and to seek the most effective means of consultation and of collaboration with his/her professional colleagues.

·        To assist in developing cooperation and coordination of efforts among members of the staff of the school.

·        To participate in Tsuut’ina Language Classes, Training and Presentations about Tsuut’ina Language and Culture and other functions as required

·        To meet professional obligations through efficient work habits such as deadlines and schedules

·        To respectfully follow Tsuut’ina instruction from Elder Mentor

·        To encourage to volunteer for endeavors such as language tutoring, adult classes and other functions as requested

·        Provide all documentation and requirements related to their teaching position on the due dates including:

o   Detailed daily lesson plans for all classes.  Please note: Lesson plan structure should follow Alberta Education guidelines and should be relating to curriculum outcomes as set by Alberta Education.

o   Obtain responsibility for professional teaching certification requirements. Please note: After receiving the Teacher Qualification Service (TQS), beginner Teachers and Teachers who have upgraded their university/college education must receive an evaluation of their educational qualifications for salary purposes according to the principles of the school.

o   Adequate long-range plans (year plans) and course outlines.

o   Three days Substitute and Emergency plans.

o   Individualized Program Planning, year plans.

o   Carry-out Tsuut’ina Gunaha Institute year plans.

o   Professional Growth Plans.

o   Community/Volunteer hours log.

o   Conducts Tsuut’ina Language Student Assessments.

o   Maintain Incident Report log.

o   Maintain a Tsuut’ina Language Learning Journal.

o   Maintain Mentor-Apprentice hours log.

o   Marks and attendance required up to date and backup plans for marks and attendance.

o   Courses taught should be available for students online for ease of access (use of Zoom Classroom and/or Google Classroom).

·        To maintain a healthy relationship with Tsuut’ina Gunaha uwa Ninisha, to ensure Tsuut’ina Way of Life continues for generations to come.


·        Knowledge of Tsuut’ina Language, culture, and history

·        Minimum Grade 12 diploma, but post secondary experience is an asset

·        Experience working with children and youth, childcare certification an asset

·        Linguistic knowledge and training an asset

·        Classroom and behavioural management training and experience an asset

·        Knowledge of lesson plans and their usage

·        Written and verbal communication skills

·        Willing and committed to further education

·        Committed to the full revitalization of the Tsuut’ina Language

Please apply in writing, including a Resume and clear Vulnerable Sector Check to:

Tsuut’ina Nation Human Resources Department 9911 Chiila Boulevard, Tsuu T’ina, Alberta T2W 6H6

Email: Jobs@tsuutina.com

Competition Opens:  March 30, 2021

Competition Closes:  April 12, 2021