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Title: Counsellor

Department(s): Chiila Elementary, Middle School, Tsuu T’ina High School, Education Director

Reports to: Principals, Director

Designation: 12 months, Full-Time



The Counselor is seen as a role model of the community and must exemplify the positive qualification of the profession. They are to be timely, appropriately dressed and must exercise good communication skills. The Counselor will be subject to evaluation by the Principal and will be recommended annually for continued employment if all job requirements have been met in a successful manner. The Counselor will create a comprehensive counselling program for the High School/Middle School and Elementary School. The goal of the program is to assist students in all aspects of their development, so they may become responsible happy citizens.



·       The Counselor reports to the administrative team (Principal/Vice-Principal).

·       The Counselor will communicate regularly with other Nation departments and organizations (including health department, Truant Officer, Office of the Peacemaker, Child and Family Services and all other related departments and organizations) as necessary.



·       To work with the teaching staff to develop and promote a positive school environment.

·       To assist students individually or in small groups with remedial programs developed in conjunction with the classroom or Diverse Learning teacher.

·       To assist with all extra-curricular activities.

·       To provide supervision during non-instructional periods such as recess, lunch and before and after school.

·       To be considered a full-time member of the staff and would be expected to perform and behave in an appropriate manner.

·       Provide individual and group counselling, offering but not limited to social skill development, anger management, and grief loss.

·       Be part of the SBT and attend weekly meetings at the Elementary, Middle School and High School.

·       Plan and develop a counselling program by defining the objectives of the program, identifying the needs of the students and developing action plans.

·       Liaise with other departments to offer services to students and families, and refer students and families to outside agencies as appropriate.

·       Offer support to parents regarding discipline, child development, and conflict resolutions.

·       Encourage parent involvement in schools.

·       Keep a daily record of student contact and activities.

·       Complete daily statistical reports for client contracts (students, parents, and community departments).

·       Complete monthly reports of activities.

·       Participate in and attend all staff meetings, professional activity days and workshops as mandated by the Tsuut’ina Education Director.

·       Notify the school principal, if he/she is to be absent from the school and the reason thereof

·       Perform all duties and responsibilities in accordance with the Tsuut’ina Nation Administration Policies and Procedures.

·       Perform other duties at the direction of the Principal/Vice-Principal

·       Subject to the Fixed Term Agreement, carry out those duties that are assigned by the Education Director.



·       The Counselor must report to the school staff orientation for the duration of the last week of August for each new school year

·       The Counselor shall arrive at the school on operational days no later than 8:00am and depart no earlier than 4:00pm, unless otherwise excused by the Principal



Demonstrate ethical and confidential behavior, demonstrates appropriate and independent use of time, maintains effective working relationships with staff, students, community members and supervisory skills.


Please note that this organization adheres to Sections 1 – 9 of the Aboriginal Employee Preference Policy for selection and displacement.  Only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. The successful candidate will be under a probationary period at the commencement of his or her employment.


COMPETITION OPENS:           October 14th,2021

COMPETITION CLOSES:          October 27th,2021


Please apply in writing, including a resume to:

TsuuT’ina Nation Human Resources Department

9911 Chiila Boulevard, Tsuu T’ina, Alberta T2W 6H6

Fax: (403) 238-6125

Email: Jobs@tsuutina.com


To apply for this job email your details to jobs@tsuutina.com