Housing Repair and Maintenance

Housing R&M provides scheduled service maintenance to the 475 livable units
2071 citizens of those 475 units 45 of them are on cisterns which housing has a maintenance schedule set up.


For cisterns we drain and clean out the tank, flush the lines out, check and monitor the pumps and lines attached, set up schedule for water delivery, contact water services for any emergency water shortages. Repair or replace damaged cisterns.

Septic Services:

For septic tanks we service and maintain all the components. We have a new septic truck and driver, clean out septic tanks regularly, monitor pumps, filters, lines from the house to the tank,emergency tank drains and after hours calls for all aspects of septic including commercial applications like the lift station.


We service and maintain the well pumps, lines, casings repair and replacement, equipment attached like the pressure tank, water filters for elders and handicap


Service and maintain hot water tanks, toilets,sinks,lines connecting to and from equipment, mechanical room tanks,exterior hose bibs, repair or replace damaged parts, emergency services, humidifier and filters, after hours calls


Repair or replace any damaged structural components, roofs, doors exterior, windows, handicap upgrades, anything to do with the building envelope, emergency and after hours service.


We do not have a electrician on staff but we do contract a company for it.


Filters, furnace cleaning, repair and maintenance of all the equipment, power boards, panel boards

Elders Handiman:

Any work around the house that is needed like structural, plumbing, electrical, septic, water well/cistern, emergency services.