Photo of Lyle Dodginghorse

Lyle Dodginghorse

Councillor Tsuutina Nation


Lyle Dodginghorse was elected as a Council member of the Tsuut’ina Nation in 2002, and has since served the people for seven terms and a total of fourteen years. He is a current holder of the Economic Development portfolio for the 2014-2016 term.

He graduated High School in 1979, then went on to pursue his Business Administration at Mount Royal University in 1980-1981. He attended the Indian Oil Sands Corporation from 1981-1982, and also completed his Small Business Administration Project Management Certificate from the University of Calgary Continued Education in 1994.

Prior to entering into politics, he worked at the Sarcee Cow Camp from 1975-1979. He also worked at the Sarcee Seven Chiefs Sportsplex from 1970-1979, and Redwood Meadows Townsite from 1979-1992. He then went on to become the Tsuut’ina Nation Capital Projects Coordinator from 1993-2002.

Mr. Dodginghorse’s accomplishments include various awards for his photography and is known for his artistic work. He has volunteered his time coaching and managing numerous hockey teams throughout his life and is a good role model and leader within the Nation.

Lyle actively sits on the Department of National Defense (DND) Committee, Oversight Committee and the Tsuut’ina Nation Treasury Board of Finance.

He has been married for 22 years and has two sons and five grandchildren.

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