Photo of LeeRoy Meguinis

LeeRoy Meguinis

Councillor Tsuutina Nation


Council Member LeeRoy Meguinis previously served Tsuut’ina Nation as Councilor from 2002-2010, on Thursday December 8th he was sworn in once again to serve his community. Graduating from Bishop Grandin High School in 1992, LeeRoy continued on to Mount Royal College to take Business Administration from 1993-1996, earning his Business Diploma. During this time he also worked as Recreation Director for Tsuut’ina Nation. He held this position for 11 years until he was voted into Chief and Council and served four consecutive terms as Councilor. 

In 2010 LeeRoy continued to serve his community as Community Hall Plan Coordinator where he transitioned to Nation Navigator in 2014. He continued this position until he was once again voted back onto Chief and Council as Councilor by the people of Tsuut’ina Nation. He will serve in this capacity for the next three years. 

A strong believer in family, LeeRoy is married with five children and six grandchildren. He is passionate about his community and the bettering of his people.

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