Photo of Ellery Starlight

Ellery Starlight

Councillor Tsuutina Nation


Ellery Starlight was elected as Council member in 2010 and has since served his nation for 6yrs, the current portfolio holder for Legislative Procedures for the 2014-2016 term. Ellery actively sits on the Tsuut’ina Department of National Defense Committee, Hospitality Board, Finance Committee and Oversight Committee.

He has earned his Environmental Science Certificate in 1994 as well as his Mediation Trainer with Dr Larry Fong Association in 2000. Ellery has been recognized in a number of ways, some of which include: Citizen of the Nation Award and recognition for his years of employment and dedication to Tsuut’ina Justice, Office of the Peacemaker and Being elected by his people to join the Tsuut’ina Chief and Council.

Mr. Starlight’s accomplishments include the Development of the Office of the Peacemaker in 1999 for Tsuut’ina Justice. He continues to be a life time advocate and teacher in his knowledge of Tsuut’ina Language and culture. He shares and teaches his knowledge with the young and old and has also many presentations in universities and surrounding communities for Peacemaking. Volunteering his time in projects and community events, Aboriginal Court system in Calgary and a hereditary teepee Owner with the Calgary Stampede Indian Village. Ellery is still very active in traditional dancing and singing.

Ellery has 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren

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