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Steven Crowchild

Councillor Tsuutina Nation


Steven Crowchild – “Ninagha Naʔitsidi”

Tsuut’ina Family Linage: Crowchild, Big Crow and Big Plume Families


Steven Crowchild is a Tsuut’ina Isgiya, father, and a current elected member of the Tsuut’ina Nation Xakujaa-yina/Chief and Council. Prior being elected to leadership in 2019, Steven served the Tsuut’ina Nation in the capacity of Education Services Agreement Coordinator for the Tsuut’ina Education Department, where he worked to improve student outcomes through the development of innovative approaches to education, as well as advocating for improved student services through service agreements.

  Steven has also played an integral role in Tsuut’ina language revitalization efforts through his work with the Tsuut’ina Gunaha Institute, where he began working in 2012, and served in various capacities, including Director from 2014 – 2018. Under his leadership, the program evolved to fill the need for language and culture revitalization on the Nation. 

Over the years, Steven has been directly involved in developing and piloting various initiatives and projects such as app development, curriculum development, culture camps, language nest, mentor-apprentice initiative, animation, film projects, and professional development initiatives and recording projects. Steven continues to build the community to its full potential and build initiatives for resource sovereignty and land and water rights protection.

“We have inherited a powerful and rich history filled with language, cultural teachings, traditions, and resilience. I am proud and blessed to be Tsuut’ina. Dagumisastiy”

Governance & Administration Portfolio Departments 

• Communications

• Legislative Procedures

 Technical Services

• Grant and Proposal Services

• Information Technology

• Citizenship Department

• Permits & Residency Office

Name: Steven Crowchild

Portfolio: Governance and Administration 


Phone: 403-238-6401

Address: 9911 Chiila Blvd, Tsuut’ina Nation 

Alberta, T3T 0E1

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