Photo of Darrell Crowchild

Darrell Crowchild

Councillor Tsuutina Nation


Darrell Crowchild was first elected into Council in 2002 and served four consecutive terms on Council until 2010. Prior to his career in politics, Darrell was a long serving Nation Administrator for ten years (1991-2001). Mr. Crowchild was also the Elders Coordinator during this time. Prior to his re-election in 2016, Darrell was hired to negotiate the Gaming Agreements and was the TUC Implementation Coordinator. Darrell has lead numerous negotiations for agreements on behalf of the Tsuut’ina Nation throughout his career. These agreements include the Tsuut’ina/Stoney Corrections Society which he sat as the chairman for ten years, the first Financial Transfer Agreement between Tsuut’ina Nation and the Federal Government, Tripartite Policing Agreement, Tsuut’ina Gaming Agreement, First Nation Development Funding Agreement, First Nations Charity Agreement, Masters Services Agreement with the City of Calgary, the Final Agreement with Alberta (SWCRR), and the Tsuut’ina Capital Trust Agreement. 

Darrell had learned a lot of the traditional ceremonies and way of life as a result of living at Small Boys Camp for four years. 

Darrell is a former chicken dancer, fancy dancer, as well as a hoop dancer. He had the privilege to hoop dance for Prince Charles not once but twice! Darrell then moved on to become a chuck wagon outrider. In 1983, Darrell was awarded the Rookie of the Year Outrider from the World Professional Chuck Wagon Association. Darrell now enjoys the sport of rodeo and travels the Indian rodeo circuit. 

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