Economic Development Portfolio

The Economic Development Portfolio consists of The Roadway Project, DND Administration, Economic Development Administration, and the Small Business Initiative Program

The Roadway Project consists of all issues and information regarding with the Southwest Calgary Ring Road.  Project implementation “Opening Day Plan” has started and scheduled for completion in 2022.

DND Administration deals with the Department of National Defence on behalf of the Nation and the former Harvey Barracks lands that have been contaminated by the army personnel for training purposes. The Administrator for this department is Carol Gottfriedson, she works closely with the Department and has been negotiating the clean up of these lands for the use of the Nation.

The Small Business Initiative Program is driven to provide services and support to the entrepreneurs within the Nation. The program also offers small business training to existing and new small business owners who seek advice, direction or encouragement to take their ideas to different levels of business. Within the past year, we held a Small Business Symposium in recognition and support of all existing business within the Nation. SBI operates under the Economic Development Executive Director.

Economic Development Administration is overseen by the Executive Director, Terry Metatawabin. Many projects such as dealing with the Government funding, new endeavors considered by the Nation and issues with the land of the former Harvey Barraks are negotiated by the Executive Director. Also bringing in partnerships for the success of specific initiative sand comprehensive community partners.