Companies Portfolio

The Tsuut’ina Companies Portfolio consists of the following; Buffalo Run Business Park, Chief David Crowchild Commercial Center, Redwood Meadows Golf & Country Club, Sarcee Developments, Sarcee Gravel Products, Tsuut’ina Contracting General Partners Incorporated, Property Management, Mechanical Maintenance and Tsuut’ina Energy Corporation.

All of these companies are considered corporate entities of the Nation which means they create revenue, and a portion of this revenue comes back to the Nation, this is the portion Nation Citizens receives through yearly per capita distribution. The other portion goes back into the operations of each Nation owned company.

Each company is unique to the way they generate revenue as an individual corporation. Tsuut’ina Nation has been involved with Oil and Gas Development dating back to our founding father Chief BullHead. There are records with his signature indicating this. Sarcee Gravel Products and Redwood Meadows Golf and Country Club are considered two of the oldest operating companies within the Nation.The most recent successful company is the Tsuut’ina Contracting General Partners Incorporated. They work with nation members who own thier own heavy equipment machinery and are utilized on a rotating basis. Mechanical Maintenance is also a new company within the pillars of the Companies Portfolio which is another favorable asset for future endeavors.

Property Management is another very successful operation, they maintain and lease office space within the beautiful Chief Joseph BIgPlume Building. The Chief David Crowchild Commercial Center is also successful with the sale of fuel and tobacco. Part of this success comes through providing services to consumers from the City of Calgary.